Decision on Bridge Cameras for Safari

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Re: Decision on Bridge Cameras for Safari

Joseph Mama wrote:

I would strongly look into getting a DSLR or mirrorless with an APS-C sensor or micro 4/3rds, and get a huge telephoto lens.

With a sensor size 10x or greater than the 1/2.3inch of a typical bridge camera, you will certainly get better low light pictures...well all pictures will be better.

They do have specialty lenses with extreme range. Consider also that you may be able to get a specialty 70-300mm lens made for a FULL FRAME sensor, and attach it to a 4/3rds which will give you around 500mm range.

This way youve got ONE good camera, with a few different lenses for various situations. I think this is much better than getting a bridge camera.

Joseph, your advice is sound, but you might want to take a look at the OP's prior threads on the topic. The OP has been been giving this a lot of thought over an extended period, and received a lot of advice.

At some point it there is no more advice to give. My own hope is the OP will make a choice and get on to the next stage, which is learning to get the most out of his equipment.

You don't want to be reading the user manual while bouncing around in the back of a safari truck.

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