Decision on Bridge Cameras for Safari

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Re: Decision on Bridge Cameras for Safari

Joseph Mama wrote:

I would strongly look into getting a DSLR or mirrorless with an APS-C sensor or micro 4/3rds, and get a huge telephoto lens.

With a sensor size 10x or greater than the 1/2.3inch of a typical bridge camera, you will certainly get better low light pictures...well all pictures will be better.

They do have specialty lenses with extreme range. Consider also that you may be able to get a specialty 70-300mm lens made for a FULL FRAME sensor, and attach it to a 4/3rds which will give you around 500mm range.

This way youve got ONE good camera, with a few different lenses for various situations. I think this is much better than getting a bridge camera.

I disagree for the OP's use. Doing as you say, he would end up with a lens alone bigger than the cameras he is interested in. Then you have to add a sizable adapter to make up flange distance, then a body. And you still end up with a slow and very likely unstabilized (or very poor stabilization of some early pens) slow lens.

I really really dont think the OP is wanting to drag out and set up a tripod on his trip. I may be wrong but thats the impression I get.

Get the FZ200 and if you're worried about length, get the panasonic tele-extender for it. Google some pictures taken with it, its good. Gives you over a 1000mm equiv at f4. Still faster than anything else you're looking at.

I think youre focusing a little too much on low light capability in the first place. At the focal lengths that you and everyone here are discussing, its shutter speed that will ruin your photos or make them pop. You can use 2 stops faster shutter speed with the FZ than you can with most anything else discussed here at the same ISO. So, say you shoot at ISO 400 on the FZ, you would need ISO 1600 on something else (assuming a max aperture of 5.6) keeping the same shutter speed. Dropping the shutter speed two stops will likely ruin your photos. Either due to motion blur from you, or subject movement. Some newer M4/3 cameras are good there, a lot of apc cameras are good. But start getting into ISO 1600 on a bridge camera and youll be disappointed.

Hand-holdable 600mm equiv (more with the tele-lens) is what the fz200 is all about. There are cameras with better IQ, longer lenses, heavier built bodies etc. Check out this from panny's own site. This is done by a professional of course. --

Constructive Criticism is always welcome, however please understand that I am not a pixel peeper.

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