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Re: Maybe you are not a customer for a DSLR

Zvonimir Tosic wrote:

Shake Reduction compensates for "slower" apertures. You can consider that and I know it does work for many Pentax users.

Somewhat, SR compensates for slower apertures. It can be said to compensate for slower apertures, with regard to motion blur, if the subject is static. For children, not too practical. For bairn, a faster shutter, SR or not, is needed. This means more light (...faster lens) or more digital manipulation (^ ISO).

Your Canon and non-IS lens on it won't allow you good shutter speeds even if you have an f1.4 lens — Pentax K-30 plus an f/2.8 lens will outperform that Canon combo handheld in low light.

This is two stops different. I do believe the Pentax will have better noise characteristics than the Canon. To say the Pentax at f2.8 outperforms the Canon at f1.4 is pushing the envelope. Perhaps the Pentax at ISO 1600 would perform equally to the Canon at ISO 400... Would it outperform it ? edit: if you count SR with an appropriate scene, an argument could be made for 'outperforms'. However, SR will be of limited use for moving child pictures; there is a point where the shutter can be no slower, SR or not.  For static child pictures, I agree 'outperforms' is likely.  Robitussin should not be part of a photographers kit  :^|

So I think you should thoroughly explore Pentax system before jumping into conclusions about lens "speeds" because Canon and Nikon users often come with such prejudices and think of Pentax lenses as "slow" — it's the whole system that matters. Their systems are actually slower.

Not really. A slower lens is always slower. This is the 'it is what it is yet it aint what it aint' principal. Depending on the subject, SR may make an acceptable difference. Depending on the artistic intent, a smaller aperture may be acceptable. However, if a faster lens is desired, nothing really makes up for a slower lens. Not even a 'boca app' on an iPhone :^)

But from your writing above, and considering that you basically want top performing, fast aperture, low noise system but with no investment in anything — especially in lenses — with all due respect, I think you are not the kind of customer for a DSLR.

Mmm. He wants to not spend a lot on lenses. He has a 50/1.8 and would like a reasonably priced 35. Not really asking for the moon here, yeah? Both reasonable lenses can be had for Nikon. For Pentax, the 35 comes in an f2.4 flavor.

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