What is the best software cure for CA

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Re: Anders,

LaMesa wrote:

thanks for your responses.

Panorama Tools is a photoshop plugin. Many programs, even freeware like Irfanview, do accept Photoshop plugins.

Here in Germany we have a very popular and poweful software named Fixfoto. Even Photoshop owners have it for their more regular work, because it is so handy and intuitive. This is the program I am mostly using, and it also does accept Photoshop plugins.

Good. But as far as I can see, Fixfoto isn't free of charge either. The price is about the same as I paid for my (educational) LR license. And although Fixphoto might well be a capable program, I doubt that it can match the general capabilities (not just tools for dealing with CA) of LR as a RAW converter. And a good RAW converter is what most people who are reasonably serious about their photography are looking for as their primary tool for image processing.

Before I switched from Silkypix 3.x to LR 4.x, I had to correct lateral CA manually and move over to Photoshop to correct longitudinal CA. With LR 4.x, I get lateral CA corrected automatically and can correct longitudinal CA in a rather expedient and effective way as well, without having to leave the RAW converter.

Anders, once a picture has been taken, it is only 2-dimensional, and only lateral abberations can be truely reversed, i am afraid.

Yes, as I pointed out in my first reply to you, I am already well aware of that fact. For this reason, it may be preferable to deal with CA to at least some extent already at the stage of capture rather than in PP. You find an example of that strategy in the thread to which I link below (use of a strong UV filter to combat purple fringing).


If you want to correct the (very minor) longitudinal errors,

You mean "very minor" like these?

you have to paint em.

I'd rather say "unpaint" (i.e., desaturate) them. And even though the results are less than perfect, they are certainly preferable to doing nothing in most cases.

So how do you do that by means of the Radial Shift plugin?

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