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Re: Wedding Gear Question

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

Lots of wedding photogs use F4 lenses just fine. They do however know how to use flash.

And the look may not be 'ambient light' - but is that bad? Today that's trendy...partly because so many can't use flash competently.

On camera flash can work very well too- if you know how to use it. But then that goes for a prime lens too. Using it at F5.6 is kinda dumb IMO.

yes, today we shoot at ISO12800 and 1.4 lenses. But weddings were shot 20 years ago on film, in the same PJ style as today, with 800 or 1600 as the highest ISO and the pics were great.

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In event/wedding photography,  "ambient" ALWAYS means ambient AND the judicious use of fill flash. Show me a portrait shot only with ambient light and I'll show you an image that either has a well-exposed face with a washed-out background, or a well-exposed background with a face in shadows.

Ambient exposure is influenced by both shutter speed and aperture whilst flash exposure is determined SOLELY by aperture. So obviously, having a large opening could be the difference between 1/30 and 1/60, critical when hand-holding a 70-200 lens. An f4 might allow for 1/30, an f2.8 will allow for 1/60.

When I was shooting Canon, my favourite lens was the 70-200f4IS, sharpest lens in my bag. As soon as I could afford it, I got the 70-200f2.8, my sciatica be damned.

Now, I shoot with a Sony a99 alongside colleagues with D800's and 5D3's. And yet we hesitate to use ISO3200 if we can manage. It's a conservative habit from the early days of digital as well as earlier from film times.

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