Insisting that Canon is abandoning M?

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Re: It's a sale, smoking hot if not on fire.

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Is it really a fire sale? It does not look like one.

When the prices are discounted this deeply it really doesn't matter what we call it.

Adorama, BhPhoto and Amazon at some point were clearly sold-out.

Yet, they were able to get new supply. Adorama only got new supply of 18-55 recently and currently sold out again.

They finally managed to move stock when the sale started, and I'm sure Canon was there to replenish inventory as needed. I'm guessing Canon had a lot of inventory stashed all over the planet.

no, alot of units were fairly new manufacturered units (shipped with 2.0.2)

I'm sorry, but this theory has been floated out there - and I wonder if people think that canon is so stupid is to continue over a period of a year to not adjust manufacturering numbers based upon actual sales as time progress - and continue to blithely manufacturer and ship product that isn't selling.

No one does this.

Agreed. Cameras are made in batches based on demand.

For some reason some people think it reasonable that Canon would produce more of a camera that is not selling, but inconceivable that they updated firmware in warehouse stock.

I own a small manufacturing company, and believe me you prefer to do the tweak yourself rather than deal with the service calls from people who are trying to do it themselves.

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