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Re: Without Wifi or 3G

Wireless networks are almost everywhere, even while traveling (if you have a little patience). This opens up many possibilities for transferring files over wireless between tablets, smartphones and PC/Macs of all sizes and shapes. A tablet with 3G/4G LTE opens up more possibilities.

You don't need a dongle, cable, hub or anything. What you need is an app on the mobile device(s). A PC/Mac don't need anything as they come ready to go. With the right app(s) you transfer files using WebDAV, HTTPS, FTP, Bluetooth, etc. The app Photo Transfer App is probably one of the oldest and simplest. Take a look at how simple this is to use:

My impression is a lot of users have little experience/knowledge about performing file transfers between devices over wireless, but once figured out it becomes about as quick and easy as any other method of file transfer.

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