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Prime85 wrote:

chris24net wrote:

Jorge speaks the truth.

And for more images with the Fuji, check out my India gallery. Mostly 18-55. And in my China gallery, pretty much everything 2x3 ratio (other than the Beijing images) is the Fuji.

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Really enjoy your photography and your involvement with charity. What are your thoughts with regards to the x-E1 -vs- OM-D for travel?

Thanks for the kind words on my work.

On the Fuji vs. OM-D, they're both great cams. My Sri Lanka images, and the Wat Opot and Who Will NGO images were taken with the OM-D. The OM-D is probably a better all around system with the IBIS, weather sealing and faster AF, but the IQ and the ergonomics of the Fuji made me switch to the X-E1. I still have the OM-D and use it when the IBIS or weather sealing make it the best tool for the job, but I prefer the Fuji and use it for my travel and NGO work now. As far as lenses go, they're basically a push. The best M4/3 lenses and the Fuji lenses are both great.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with either. I've had an image published double page spread in Condé Nast Traveller shot with the OM-D, and had images full page in Hemispheres and AFAR with the Fuji and nobody at the magazines had any issues with the quality of the files.

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