Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

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Re: Thinking of switching to Pentax from Canon

I did the exact same thing several years ago and I had the that the XS?. I actually liked the feel and AF of the Canon, so not prejudiced in any way, but I did a lot of low light work and purchased the kx which is also a handy performer in Low light compared to what I had.

I think the Canon 18mp sensor struggles compared to Nikon and Pentax, but the upgrade in the 70D may be improved?? But that could be out of range in $$$ terms.

I will echo others in saying that good used and some special deal new Pentax primes can be found at a good price. I also believe that the k30 and even a f2.8 will surpass your expectations.

The use of manual focus legacy film lenses on the k30 may be of interest to you, with focus peaking and they offer good value also.

It sounds like your upgrading your whole kit, so doesnt matter which brand so long as you get the 'strengths' your after. It does sound like a classic Pentax or Nikon situation to me.

Not sure why its been mentioned that your not a candidate for a seems that anything less will not yield the low light requirements............

A couple of the Pentax zooms, 12-24 and 10-17 are very very good, but again a scout around for 'low mileage - second hand' examples that may fit your budget.

Good luck, the K30 is at some very good prices right now and represents excellent value. I havent researched Nikon lately, just something about them that didn't feel right in my hand....dont know why?? just a very personal preference.......

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