Before I sell my GR....

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Re: Before I sell my GR....

I spent a couple of months in Europe in summer, 2010. It was hot, and there was a lot of walking to be done.

I left my dSLR at home and took a travel zoom (Panasonic ZS3). The ZS3 was brilliant for travel, being very light, portable, and providing most of the focal lengths needed.  Unfortunately the ZS3 was rather poor for photography - slow lens, limited print size, ISO needing to be under 400, very difficult to frame in the often bright sun.  I wished I had traded some of the zoom for a faster lens, bigger sensor, a bit more weight, and a viewfinder.  There were many times in poor light (evenings, inside buildings etc) that I did not attempt any photography.  I did not regret leaving my dSLR behind, as it would have been too intrusive on the travel.

After that trip I made a list of what are the important things to me for travel ...

  1. fairly good IQ, comparable to 12mp MFT or better
  2. 1Kg or less to carry, and preferably a lighter subset at times
  3. 24-70mm minimum, but preferably 22-250mm
  4. quick and accurate focus and metering
  5. viewfinder
  6. useable f2.8, ISO 1600 (or equivalent) at wide end
  7. image stabilisation

Being in a group with a rather tight schedule to be maintained, you can often expect to have limited time to position yourself, compose and take your shots.  A zoom lens will be very useful, for the flexibility it offers.  Expect to take plenty of quick shots and move on, providing the raw material for selecting and refining images once you get home.  In the evenings you should have more time to yourself, to compose images at your own pace.  Here a really good camera comes into its own, and a prime lens is easier to use.

I think you need to decide what is important to you, and arrange your kit to meet your needs. In your position I would keep the GR, add the wide converter ($150), and buy a Nikon V1 twin lens kit ($350).   That would provide a flexible kit, with backup, that met all of my needs, without breaking the bank.  But it may not necessarily meet your needs.

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