Before I sell my GR....

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Re: Before I sell my GR....

A few options:

Ricoh GR with RX100  (Would not recomend).  Although way better than most will have.

Ricoh GR with Olympus OM-D or E-P5 or E-PM2.  Would prefer the OMD or E-P5 (for the better stabilization).  With an Oly 45mm /1.8.  You would also have the kit lens and or the Panny power normal zoom.

Fuji x-E1 with 18-55 and optionally the 14mm and perhaps the tele zoom.  Backup either the Ricoh GR or the SONY RX100.

Or a FF DSLR with 24-105 and the RX100, Ricoh GR or E-PM2 as a backup.

Instead of a tele zoom with any of the above combinations carry a pocket camera with long zoom for the rare occasion you might need it...

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