Can anyone compare the Tamron 18-250 to the Pentax 55-300

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Re: Can anyone compare the Tamron 18-250 to the Pentax 55-300

Hi rondeann,

I have Tamron 18-250 and Tamron 70-300. I have seen a lot of comparisons between Pentax 55-300 -which I do not own- and Tamron 70-300, and I believe that 55-300 is a little sharper at 300mm and has less problems with CAs than the Tamron, which is Tamron's biggest problem in specific scenes. However, what I appreciate most in my 70-300 is the bokeh, which although not of prime-quality, it can be quite smooth. This is very pleasing with portraits and flower close ups and I believe better than 55-300's.

The 18-250 design is quite good for a general use lens until about 150-170mm. At the long end it is the only soft lens I own. In the 150-300mm range the T70-300 is always better, and from reviews and samples I've seen I would expect P 55-300 to be better than the 18-250 lens.

I expected to use a two-camera combination with 18-250 on one camera and 70-300 on the other. But when I go for the bulk of two cameras I choose one of my better lenses for the wide end plus 70-300 or a wide aperture lens

I believe that the 18-250 is a good lens for what it is and I find it equally good to the 18-55mmWR with double reach (18-120mm). I like the colours of the Pentax kit lens a little more than the super zoom, but the 18-250 is generally a little sharper than the 18-55wr, at least on K10d and K100d Super.

A characteristic of the 18-250 is that at close focusing distances at 250mm setting it has an angle of view closer to 200mm, or even less. It happens with many lenses but this does not happen with Tamron 70-300 and I do not remember reading about this in 55-300 reviews.

Since you have some comments about 70-300 lenses let me share that in my experience and my style of shooting I never use 70-300 indoors as I find the 70mm setting way too long. A 55mm lens can be more usefull for tight places. This along with the quick shift of the DA55-300 have tempted me more than the sharpness of the 55-300 as to replace my 70-300. But I really like bokeh of the 70-300. I would personally not go for the DA-L 55-300 as I am a big fun of the quick shift feature.

Both 55-300 and 70-300 are bigger lenses than the 18-250, which is trully compact.

Kind Regards,


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