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Re: Without Wifi or 3G

mosswings wrote:

Athegn wrote:

Just spent a few days where only expensive wifi was available. Using OTG cable I was able to upload RAW images to my tablet for free!

The wireless at least I've been talking about with regards to backing up memory cards is a LOCAL wireless link provided by a wireless external storage/hub device, such as the Kingston Mobilelite or any of the Wifi-enabled portable HDDs out there. If your tablet supports OTG transfers, great. But the iPads and Nexus(es?) of the world generally don't (with exceptions), so these inexpensive local wifi enabled devices are a platform agnostic way of backing up. No linkage to the cloud over a pay wifi hotspot is required.

They're a bit more expensive than an OTG cable and a card reader, but ya gotta use what the tablet will support...

Although the Nexus has the advantage of backing by Google - for quicker Android updates, fewer unnecessary preloaded apps, and better designed essential apps - there seem to be a large number of similar-sized Android tablets with microSD slots and USB connectivity, making it easier to directly swap files between cards, thumb drives or simple HDDs, possibly at faster rates than wifi, and without the need for a wireless hub.

However, rapid technological change also means that many users who have already invested in a particular system may find it more logical to extend the kit they have, rather than start anew when hindsight reveals a better current system 

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