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Re: It's not only the D200

Stacey_K wrote:

rovingtim wrote:

The cold hard fact is I'm 2 for 2. You are not.

And neither were others, even the guy who has been spamming the forum with the "E1 is the best" posts swung and missed. You even said "my guess is...".

Agreed. I hadn't tested my perception empirically. Because of your challenges, I am now feeling that perhaps what I'm seeing is more objective than subjective.

Also you did have a 50-50 chance on being right or wrong. I never said there is zero difference, Just that the difference I see is minor between a D200 and an E1. They are much closer than either is to say a D7000 file in sunlight.

I wouldn't disagree. I have little experience with D7000 files and I'm not accusing youof seeing things that are not there

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