Insisting that Canon is abandoning M?

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It's a sale, smoking hot if not on fire.

xlotus wrote:

Is it really a fire sale? It does not look like one.

When the prices are discounted this deeply it really doesn't matter what we call it.

Adorama, BhPhoto and Amazon at some point were clearly sold-out.

Yet, they were able to get new supply. Adorama only got new supply of 18-55 recently and currently sold out again.

They finally managed to move stock when the sale started, and I'm sure Canon was there to replenish inventory as needed. I'm guessing Canon had a lot of inventory stashed all over the planet.

BHPhoto had the 22mm kit sold out or backordered. Same with Amazon. The demand was apparently still very high when it was still being sold for $299.

Only when the 22mm kit was available again at higher price, initially it was at $499, then $450 then now apparenty settles at $399 that demand is slowing down.

Pricing is all over the map but the 22mm kit with a flash was selling for $399 just recently and the 18-55mm kit with flash was $419. And the red body with 18-55 lens was $599! But both red and white 18-55 kits with flash are $419. Go figure.

Interestingly, the 18-55mm kit seems to have a steady supply. Sold out briefly and quickly re-supplied while maintaining the same low price.

Not surprising, when the EOS M was initially released in the US it came with the 22mm lens, the 18-55 was available separately. It was only later that Canon came out with the 18-55 kit.

It almost seems to me that Canon is using this experience to test the US market how much people are willing to pay for their mirrorless camera. It certainly was/is selling well at $299 and $349. While the 22mm kit already dropped out of Amazon's Top 100, the 18-55mm kit is still lingering high up there. In fact last time I checked, it was the only MILC currently on the Top 100.

This sale is not limited to US markets, people in Canada and Europe have chimed in with pricing even lower than what I've seen in the US. And the kits they're buying come with the lens adapter and flash. Henry's (Canada) had a 48 hour sale recently on the 18-55 kit with flash for about $340.

It shows how much EOS M is selling well above any of the competitors - quantity wise. It seems that Canon has created and/or is creating a larger maket share of US mirrorless for themselves.

I think this surge is more of a flash in the pan than anything sustainable over the long term. And people recognize that this is a lot of camera at stupid cheap prices.

I am pleasantly surprised to run into people at work who just bought EOS M recently. I showed them my EOS M with the 3 different lenses and they are very interested to buy the 11-22mm lens LOL.

I think it is not too much of a surprise if Canon is selling a lot more EOS M in the last a month and a half than any other MILC manufacturers selling individual model in a whole year.

As mentioned above, this is mostly the "fire sale" mentality. There are lots of us who only gave the EOS M a casual once over when it was released and/or thought it was overpriced. Even though it's a screaming deal and I'm really having a hoot with mine it's not enough to make me want to go out and buy another one.

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