Before I sell my GR....

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Re: Before I sell my GR....

steveashe wrote:

I'd really appreciate some sage advice. I'm going to Europe for the first time in 40 years (on a Rick Steve's Best of Europe tour) in about 6 weeks. I decided that there is no better time than today to realize this dream; part of my dream is to take memorable photos, and get prints of some of my photos to put on the walls of my apartment. I bought a Ricoh GR about a month ago and have been loving it, but am asking myself the question about whether this is the "best" selection of a main camera for this sort of trip. I'm going whole hog on this, so also purchased a Ricoh CX6 (10x zoom) so I have access to a little travel zoom camera, also a light travel monopod, little ballhead for the monopod, extra batteries etc. I've taken lots of pics with the GR, I can appreciate why so many love this camera. I've actually taken a number of photo's that I am proud of and have developed a good feel for the camera. I bought Elements 11 as well and have been enjoying the post processing as well.

I'll be with a tour group of about 25 others and will be visiting Rome, Florence, Paris, Venice, Munich and the Swiss Alps. The Vatican, Louvre, lots of museums. Lots of walking around. Some free time in the afternoons and evenings but lots of prearranged touring as well. Not having been on a tour like this before - and realizing that I'll need to be with my group and not wander too much - should I "really" be taking something like a Sony RX100 II with at least a bit of a zoom? Will I really notice much of a difference in photo quality between these two camera's, all other things being equal?

I realize that this is a personal decision and am not expecting that there is one "right" decision. I would appreciate if some of you guys with travel experience might comment.

This forum seems like the best place to ask my question so please share. Thanks very much!


Do yourself a favor, you're going on a once in a lifetime trip based on your description, take another camera, the GR is not the camera for this. Buy a Fuji XE1/18-55 and you'll thank everyone who suggested one later when you come back and see your images in full glory throughout different focal lengths.

The simple fact that your asking for us to chime in, is a little whinny hint, that you're not sure at all so its better to be safe as oppose to sorry. Trust me, I'm the photographer that Pentax selected to promote the Ricoh GR on their site and in my  humble opinion. The GR 28mm view is way to limiting for a trip where you're going to see lots of interesting sites, people, art, etc etc.

Below is a set from this past Sunday. I took the XE1/18-55mm combo and that was all I need to document everything. This is just a sampling. Make sure to check the exif as well, the GR can't even come close to the X trans sensor. The top 3 images are basically out of camera with a slight adjustment, the BW was Silver Efex, and the rest VSCO film.

These are my 2 cents, cheers


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