Is now a good time to purchase a DP 2 Merrill, is a DP successor around the corner?

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Re: Is now a good time to purchase a DP 2 Merrill, is a DP successor around the corner?

victorgv wrote:

manaskarekar wrote:

Kwick1 wrote:

I sure hope so, I just bought one!

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As did I.

SigmaChrome wrote:

Yes, now is a good time to buy. If you really want a DP2M, now is the very best time to buy one. Before they were released or announced would have be a bad time to buy. When they are no longer being produced would also be a bad time (you know... parts, warranty, etc.).

Seriously though... Sigma's camera release cycle is not fast. If you really like the output of the DP2M, then buy one. IMO it's highly unlikely that Sigma will produce a replacement camera for at least another 12 months. I bought mine last December and I'm sure I haven't begun to get the most out of it. And the DP3M... wow!

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Agreed. But you know, Murphy's law and all that. Can't wait for mine to come in.

In US if you bought camera or lens after july 1 of this year you get 4 year warranty after registration.

And i am afraid you will have to redo your gallery with your new camera they beg for Merrill's and big print

Well what do you know victorgv, you were right. Just a couple of days with this camera and I can't stop clicking everything around me

I made this in honor of my initial impressions with the camera. (I'll remove it if it's not okay to post that here).

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