Am I nuts?

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Re: Am I nuts?

DukeCC wrote:

I suspect that if you broke down the compositional elements, you would find it is ticking all the boxes--rule of thirds, golden mean, etc, etc--and THAT is why you are so drawn to the image.

That's a great observation.  Because it's a mistake, I hadn't even considered that the things about it to which I'm drawn might be the same things to which I'm drawn under normal circumstances.  I assumed that there was something different at play here, but perhaps not so much now that you've pointed that out.

Perfectly composed, imperfectly executed?

It is framed well, isn't it?  I like how you put that.

Plus, the camera shake is obscuring all the other nit-picky things, so one can't even judge sharpness or white balance, or all the other things to obsess over. So in your mind, these are simply dismissed.

I don't think I'm dismissing them.  I don't find myself wishing the picture were sharper but I am having a difficult time trying to figure out what about the blur appeals to me.

Would make a good study for 'Your Bleeped Up Brain' on History Channel, I bet! I would not be surprised if it lit up the same areas of the brain as a prize-winning photograph, when compared under MRI.

hehe... yes, it certainly would be interesting.

Of course, more so for you, as photographer, and having some attachment to the image.

And having an attachment to the dog as well.  And as there's no long line of people in this thread saying they like the shot or even find the shot interesting, I have to assume that what I'm feeling is more personal than I previously thought.
I was curious and now I know.  Still like the shot though.

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