A58 going back...focussing

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A58 going back...focussing

Well ..I have loved shooting with the a58. Happy with the performance and camera all-around.

One thing I noticed has been the 'iffyness with focus but have just figured it was me.

Especially with bif's,.. shots I 'knew' were dead on were not but with fast motion you never really know sometimes.

So tonight i am out with my 70-200 and a rabbit I take a shot of is out of focus and very visible. I know that this picture should be very easy for phase or contrast to lock on...especially with spot focus.  And no dice x 3.  I manually focus and that solves the problem. So I try different focus modes /area/take off focus lock and nothing.

This sh**s the bed I think its probably the sigma but not sure because even with a teleconverter focus was dead on with on my a55 and still is.

these are big crops and the distance really showed tonight why focus was inconsistent/off

every shot back-focussed

and manual

around twenty shots like this and I gave up thinking it was going to change or something I was doing wrong... focus on the stop sign...not the street sign behind it*

Anyway to make sure it was the lens I put on my Minolta 50 1.7 which I know for a fact is dead on wide open ..well not with the a58. Same thing back-focussing

yeah I got out the batteries..but figured the numbers would do focus at 'c'

center point at 'c'.

So the a58 is going back. I purchased it with a full 14day back and a geek squad spills/ect. warranty so its not a return issue.

I am 'up in the air' now about getting another a58 or maybe getting an a65?  I do not want to play camera tag hoping the next will focus like my a100 and a55.  Not one of my several lenses has ever been off.  Any thoughts?...what would you do? I am not interested  in an a57 or a77 as my a55 is very capable.  To have the sigmas work was real sweet for awhile but I cant have critical focus not even close no matter the sensor and jpeg engine which I liked a lot.  I will need a back-up soon regardless(I guess I could borrow one).

It would be nice if there was a decent camera store or best buy that carried equipment nearby so I could check.

Blah blah blah..This rots a bit.

An a65 or try another a58??? Thanks everyone,brian

Sony SLT-A55 Sony SLT-A57 Sony SLT-A58 Sony SLT-A65 Sony SLT-A77
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