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Re: Is OSS helpful for a 50mm prime?

RonFrank wrote:

A 50mm or 75mm eq can be handheld easily to 1/75 of a second, so 1/60 the make the math work. Add the OSS and that becomes 4 stops or say 1/8 of a second or so.

Unfortunately to freeze movement 1/30 is about as slow as you want to shoot.

But you say what about night time landscapes? Hee not much help there either as you generally want small apertures and good DOF.

But never let reality get in the way of a great idea, right! IS/VR/OSS was initially not available on standard/WA lenses as it is really not necessary or very useful.

But the marketing departments believed strongly that stabilization was very necessary, and the masses agree. Now you can handhold shots at speeds guaranteed to capture subject movement! Motion blur is the new Black. How cool is that!

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Good points.

I think that the MFT-IBIS muddied the waters, in particular due to the 2x crop ratio: a legacy 50mm becomes 100mm FF Equivalent, and all longer lenses go past there.

I like to shoot at 1/2*FL. For a 50mm lens that would be 1/100s. (Technically, I hold on to the 1/FL for FF Equivalent, which makes it 1/1.5*FL for APS-C crop sensors - 1/2*FL is just easier).

For motion, I like to stay above 1/125s if at all possible. I have found that higher ISO versus motion blur is always in the favor of higher ISO.

The Nex, by itself, will choose 1/60s, and begins increasing ISO then. The Nex also does not take advantage of OSS - there is no automatic mode to tell the camera that you want lower ISO, and shoot at e.g. 1/15th sec. Or that you want it to be a formula based on the actual FL...

Sony initially seemed to only want to include OSS on lenses that have a reach past 50mm, and changed this based on public response. I mean the E1018 with OSS is a great concept, but OSS for shooting landscapes at night? Would you not bring a tripod?

OSS/VR/IBIS is a must have for long tele lenses, as the 1/2*FL begins to eat up the exposure settings: a 300mm lens requiring 1/600s at f/6 or so pushes ISO up already. Being able to shoot such a lens at the same 1/125s (i.e. two stops slower) makes a big difference.

Where the OSS does make a difference -at any focal length- is for video and for the viewfinder stability. Maybe this explains part of the public's response that OSS/VR/IBIS is a big deal?

The Nex camers do have a 'sport-mode' settings, which overcomes some of the issues, but it shoots at really high ISO.

Oh yeah, we asked for FW upgrades already to limit e.g. max shutter time, min aperture, max ISO and so on - and keep these under Custom Settings (C1, C2, C3). Ah well, maybe only in a FF Nex.

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