Windows 8 Home cannot map to NAS Folder

Started Aug 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Plenty of free alternatives to MS Office...

Jim Cockfield wrote:

My advise. Do a clean install of Windows 7 (overwrite the entire hard drive and reinstall all programs from scratch)

This costs money - at least $90.

It still makes more sense to figure out the problem.   I find it difficult to believe that MS just made it impossible to access millions of NAS devices people already own.  Hardly a way to encourage adoption.  For that matter, how does a win8 client reach an older Win7 host in the same home?

Unfortunately for the OP, there's a pretty big union of sets between people with network storage and people who refused/declined to install win8 to date.  We have no hardware to actually test ideas on.

As for Microsoft Office. why bother?

with some customers, office clones aren't good enough - 99% compatibility still leaves problems.  Linux has long been accepted in the professional world, but nearly compatible office - not nearly so much.

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