Windows 8 Home cannot map to NAS Folder

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Plenty of free alternatives to MS Office...

Robert Schoner wrote:


Just got off the phone with Buffalo and they gave up. Said to call Microsoft. I'm not sure how to do that.

I guess I now have two choices: Windows 7 or try Netgear. If I go to Windows 7 I may have at least one problem. Through work I was able to get a very cheap copy of the latest Office; but it's limited to one machine and if I do a clean install of Windows 7 I may lose it and I'm limited to one copy. Can I install Windows 7 over Windows 8?

My advise. Do a clean install of Windows 7 (overwrite the entire hard drive and reinstall all programs from scratch)

Make sure you have a good backup of all of your data (photos, docs, etc.) that you can restore later.

As for Microsoft Office. why bother?

I'd install the free LibreOffice instead.

Or, as an alternative, install OpenOfffice:

Or, as yet another alternative, look at Softmaker FreeOffice:

Hint... You don't need to be "locked in" to Microsoft's products (Windows, Office Suites, etc.), as there are *many* alternatives.

I use LInux more than 99% of the time (*very* rarely booting into Win 7, even though I have partitions with it installed on my PCs).

Instead, I use software like Corel AfterShot Pro for Raw Conversion and Image Management (see for more details), and use products like Firefox and Chrome for Internet Browsing, Thunderbird for E-Mail, products llke OpenOffice for docs and spreadsheets; OpenShot or KdenLive for video editing, etc. etc. etc.

I'd suggest that you try one of the free open source linux distros to get a better idea of what you're missing. For example, Linux Mint is a popular choice. See more about it here:

Lots of other choices here:

In any event, there are plenty of Open Source alternatives to Microsoft Office that are available for Windows now.

So, I'd try a few of them for starters.

If you get tired of being locked into Microsoft Products, there are lots of alternatives to that, too (for example, I only boot into Win 7 about every 2 months or so, just for updating the latest OS Patches, AV signatures, etc. -- as I don't really not Windows for day to day work).

But, there are lots of open source software products you can install in Windows if you want to stick with Windows for some reason (for example, LibreOffice or OpenOffice s that you don't need to use Micorosoft Office for docs and spreadsheets).

Personally, I tend to avoid Windows entirely and run those products in Linux instead. But, you can install lots of the same software in Windows, too.

In any event, in your case, I'd backup your data (doc files, photos, etc.), install Windows 7, restore your data, and say "good riddance" to Windows 8.

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