HX50: What kind of photo quality

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Re: HX50: What kind of photo quality

Best doesn't really matter
Best for you, does.

There are better point and shoots, with less zoom. (Like the RX100 and RX1) There are bigger bridge cameras with even more zoom..(like the HX300) but a pro sports photog wouldn't be caught dead using either..and would instead invest thousand$$$ on big DSLr gear.

The best camera is the one you have with you. It sounds like you are happy with the results and ergnomics and price, so it sounds like you made a good decision...

Inexperienced users magnify the image on their computer screen to view small areas of an image and complain that the enlarged area looks smeared or has watercolor effects due to fewer color variations. The compelling reason for this specific type of camera is the combination of superzoom lens and pocket size. No current way to offer both features without a small sensor and thus image quality will indeed suffer compared to larger sensor cameras which lack superzoom or require much larger size and cost much more as well.

If you want tiny size and superzoom, you have a superb choice with the HX or WX models. If image quality is of paramount importance, the RX, NEX, or alpha family of Sony cameras will deliver higher image quality and give up a great deal in adding size, cost, and less versatility.

Choose your camera based on intended usage. "Different horses for different courses".....


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