GX7 POLL - U.S. possible buyers and color choices

Started Aug 4, 2013 | Polls thread
David Kieltyka
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Re: You missed one

brentbrent wrote:

Hey, you could get run over by a bus tomorrow! ;-), so it IS still "probably." I assume you voted for option #1.

I've got a GX7 on order, so even if I do get run over by a bus the camera will be delivered.    I didn't cast a vote actually but will do so for #1.

So far, with 48 responses, only 17 say they prefer silver/black. Looks like Panasonic goofed if it's only sending one version to the U.S.!

I'd guess DPR provides a skewed sample. IME "serious" photographers, or at least those wanting to look serious, go for black. (Note: most of my cameras are all black.) The fact that we're only getting the silver/black version probably has to do with the small US market for mirrorless cameras.

I'm starting to think hard about a black one with new 20mm lens from Canada, like someone else mentioned above. I could compare that lens with my original version 20mm, sell whichever I like less, and probably come out with the same or lower price of a silver/black U.S. version. Need to check on that warranty question, though.

Hey, go for it!


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