D800 or D7100 ?

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Re: D800 or D7100 ?

Seb Spiers wrote:

TOR8472 wrote:

Seb Spiers wrote:

Is it a waste of money buying a D7100 when have the D5100??? In truth I don't crop that many photos other than when I stitch landscape shots and crap them to a decent image ratio.

I might get a couple of hundred pounds trade-in on my D5100 now which does bring the D7100 price down, but am I then just wasting £700 to have something which is only perhaps 20% better?

Unless you can say what the D7100 does that you need your D5100 to do better (AF primarily), I'd say your money would be better spent on better lenses. The D5100 has a great sensor in it that even has some advantages over the D7100 sensor.

Hmmm, what advantages does the D5100 sensor have over the D7100??

You might even like the D7100 less if you missed the flip screen, etc. Don't let one purchasing mistake (your words about thinking you should have gone with the D7100 originally) push you into making another mistake by buying something you can't clearly articulate why you are buying it.

I can live without the flip-out screen on the D5100, it's just a gimmick as far as I'm concerned.

I like the additional manual settings on the D7100 and the lcd display on the top of the camera.

I've read some people report that they have to deal with grainy noise at low ISOs on the 24 MP sensor differently in post processing. Also, the D7000/D5100 have better shadow lifting capability. As a D7000 owner, I'm not trying to say it is better than the D7100 by any means, just that I've read these comments from some updraders. Not that they aren't minor differences, just that if you are looking to drop additional $$$ and questioning whether you should, you don't want to be surprised by it.

I agree that the top LCD and additional external controls were important to me, and partly drove my purchasing decision. If I had a D5100, I would definitely go for the D7100 as a couple hundred $ here or there doesn't make any difference to me in the long run. If I needed to budget conscious, I'd buy glass now and upgrade the body with the next iteration unless I needed more MPs, more FPS, or much better focusing now.

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