An alternative tripod support for Panasonic 100-300mm lens

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Re: An alternative tripod support for Panasonic 100-300mm lens

raymb wrote:

Hi, Joseph, I find that my keeper rate is very small when using hand held. For that

reason it is my least used lens and I have given a lot of thought whether or not to keep it.

However I will give it a bit longer and try using on a tripod. I will see what happens.

Cheers Ray

Hello Ray,

I read the entire thread and admire your tolerance! Thank you.

I also started to learn about using a rail for focus stacking ... another challenge on my "to do" list.

This morning I shot a bunch of medium range stuff with a 100-300 on my GH2.

All hand held. Here are two examples:

Barn ridge shot from an elevated road about 25 meters away. Uncropped. The serration at the top of the ridge base for the (missing) corrugated metal roofing is about 5 mm. Processed in LR4.3

shot from road about 6 meters away. Cropped 1/3 linear (1:9 area)

All the images which I posted yesterday were hand held.

Taken from this gallery:

Although I originally purchased the 100-300 for wildlife, including birds, I am finding it very useful for short range subjects which are not very accessible.

Of course, I suggest that you look at the above full size!

Thanks for getting me re-motivated to get into focus stacking!!!!

Thank you,


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