What is the best software cure for CA

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Re: What is the best software cure for CA

Anders W wrote:

Yes, it can certainly take some time to get it right with LR too. Not at all saying LR is perfect, just that it may be the best RAW converter for dealing with CA that we've got at the moment.

Nice pano by the way. Have yet to try my hands at something like that. I am using Hugin routinely but so far only for (partial) defishing of images from the Samyang 7.5/3.5 FE (and indirectly the Enfuse part via LR/Enfuse) but not for panos.

Thanks for the nice comment on the pano! It was shot at 12mm (35mm equiv, although with a FF lens on FF so actually at 12mm) and not defished. I used the (not free) PtGui Pro with the (free) SmartBlend Plugin. Ptgui Pro looks a lot like Hugin, although I haven't used that beyond looking round the menus. I chose it after I evaluated a bunch of trials (selected by looking at what people doing work I liked were using) to find what suited me and felt the results were worth the cost if I'm spending some time doing panos - I'm not claiming it would be the best for anyone else, just it suited me (I think it's generally pretty good though).

BTW for defishing single images I find the fisheye-hemi plugin in photoshop (or plugin-compatible programs it is happy with) works best for me, although the CS6 built-in Adaptive Wide Angle filter does quite well with the diagonal fisheye images (15mm equiv). Actually the AWA is probably mathematically better than fisheye-hemi, but the latter tends to do a better job with people (since past 120 degrees HFOV you can't make a perfect image so f-h tries to make human-looking people at the expense of the general geometry).

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