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I agree with this

illy wrote:

People see a difference, it's just that the differences weren't so great or unique in regard of the E-1 to make it a sure fire choice

Colour is a subjective experience. For example, pilots have to be tested for colour because a significant number don't have the ability to distinguish red and green enough to make them safe in the air (red and green are in-flight navigation colours and landing indicators).

Furthermore, most people aren't really looking for colour relationships. They just see big bold colour, like the flowers in the E3/E5 thread and declare great colour. Very few have noticed the blown reds, for example ... and I'm not going over there to make them see it either. They are happy. Let them enjoy.

I totally, 100% agree that the colour ability of the E1 did not distinguish it enough to make it a unique selling point. Olympus abandoned the E1 colours in favour of better noise performance on the next iteration.

However, in the E1's time, lots of people noticed the E1 colours and raved about them. Just as this forum is today peopled by those who best appreciate the E3/E5 body, back in the day, this forum was peopled by people who really appreciated colour.

The people left on this forum today are not here for colour. Therefore, when you test this forum for colour, most will simply shrug and move on. They don't really see any difference. This is good, because the E3/E5 don't really have anything special in terms of colour. They are good and Oly does have certain colour 'magic' in their jpgs, but their RAW colour 'signature' is much of a muchness with other cameras.

However, I would argue, it was not always this way in Oly-land.

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