What is the best software cure for CA

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Re: The REAL cure:

sigala1 wrote:

Anders W wrote:

LaMesa wrote:


other than LR, my cure has two advantages:

1) it is freely available

Is Photoshop freely available?

2) it addresses the problem with maximum repeatable precision.

So does the correction of lateral CA in LR. No difference in that regard.

I find your entry annoying and destructive, turning down a proven method without any practical experience of using it.

I didn't say the alternative you suggested is bad. I merely pointed to an alternative that I consider, for the reasons given in my previous post, to be even better. Nothing wrong with that as far as I can see. The point of this thread is to find the best possible PP remedy for CA and if there are conflicting opinions about that, this is a good opportunity to find out which of these opinions are more correct.

It's possible that the plugin is better than what ACR or Lightroom can do, but as a Photoshop plugin you need to buy Photoshop first, and a simple checkbox that just stays checked as part of your default profile is certainly a lot EASIER than messing with a complicated plugin.

Apart from that, the radial shift option of Pano Tools, corrects for lateral CA only. As we both know, however, quite a bit sometimes remain once that part has been taken care of.

But if Herbert wants to compare the capabilities of the two solutions at issue, that's of course fine with me. Whatever the outcome, at least one of us will have learned something.

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