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rovingtim wrote:

illy wrote:

i never said the colours are the same, i never said you can't tell the difference, what i said was that the E-1 magical colour myth is just a myth

You keep saying this. And your proof is ... what ... that people who can't tell the difference don't see a difference?

, you recognised the E-1 by colour alone....well done, i liked the colours in both shots, i don't really shoot with the D200 anymore and not with an E-1 since 2007, i might be a bit rusty on picking it's colour signature up, unlike yourself.

How do you know that I'm in practice? The truth is I'm out of practice.

The way I picked it up is the grass. The colour looks too even in the D200 shot and it doesn't look right (to me). I honestly didn't know if I picked out the E1 or not. I hoped I had, but I stuck my neck way out and if I was wrong I would have agreed with you.

I just knew that shot 2 looked like grass to me while shot 1 looked like a good digital camera's rendition of grass.

Now, as things turned out as they have, I don't agree with you.

If only colour was so black and white(see what i did there) it would be very simple, many things can change the way we perceive colour,


hence people like to shoot during the golden hour, because it changes the hues in a fantastic way, there is no simple grass colour


is as there is no single skin colour

sure on and so on, you can recognise an E-1 by it's colour signature

If the above is true, then how is it I can pick out a 'colour signature'? Your argument makes no sense.

....good for you........many others didn't

What I see is how colours relate to one another. I would surmise that after decades of working with film, Kodak really understood this. I would further surmise that this know-how went into the dies of the E1 sensor. It is the relationship that is so important, not the actual colour.

So, yeah, colour changes. So what?

EDIT: it is perfectly possible to ruin this relationship by using some third party RAW developers and/or messing up key colour parameters such as the white balance.

you picked out a camera because of it's colour signature, that's a good skill, many didn't, the E-1 is described as having unique almost  magical colours, with a colour signature like thst surely it would be a 100% hit rate for the wasn't, and every test i've seen like this has been the same.

People see a difference, it's just that the differences weren't so great or unique in regard of the E-1 to make it a sure fire has happened with every other test like this....i could throw the Big Ga one in for good measure if you like

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