What is the best software cure for CA

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Re: The REAL cure:

Anders W wrote:

LaMesa wrote:


other than LR, my cure has two advantages:

1) it is freely available

Is Photoshop freely available?

2) it addresses the problem with maximum repeatable precision.

So does the correction of lateral CA in LR. No difference in that regard.

I find your entry annoying and destructive, turning down a proven method without any practical experience of using it.

I didn't say the alternative you suggested is bad. I merely pointed to an alternative that I consider, for the reasons given in my previous post, to be even better. Nothing wrong with that as far as I can see. The point of this thread is to find the best possible PP remedy for CA and if there are conflicting opinions about that, this is a good opportunity to find out which of these opinions are more correct.

It's possible that the plugin is better than what ACR or Lightroom can do, but as a Photoshop plugin you need to buy Photoshop first, and a simple checkbox that just stays checked as part of your default profile is certainly a lot EASIER than messing with a complicated plugin.

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