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Re: It's not only the D200

illy wrote:

rovingtim wrote:

To my eye, the E1 colour looks more like grass. I said so, and described why, in advance of knowing which was which.

That you don't see the same thing would indicate that that kind of colour discernment is not important to you. As such, you would be just as happy with a D200 as an E1 in regards to colour. I'm not trying to say that you MUST see the E1 colour. I'm not even saying that you should.

However, I don't really appreciate you telling me that I can't see the difference ... especially when I've just demonstrated that I can. If I can see the difference, and in that discernment feel the E1 colour is much better, then perhaps the kind of colour generated by the E1 is important to me.

Furthermore, if you can't tell the difference, I really don't see how you have any credibility in informing me about colour differences or colour preferences.

lol, there is a uniform colour for grass?

No. That was one of my points in choosing the E1 file.

You have a preconceived idea of how the grass colour should be is all that you're telling me, even the time of day and time of year and which latitude your are at will affect the light and change the hue of the grass, of course i see a difference, but to say the E-1 grass colour is better because i know what colour that grass should be in the picture is simply hilarious

How can you say this when you're busy telling me the colours are the same?

I have colour discernment, but is either better than the other?

Obviously not to you. And I'm not trying to tell you any different either. What I'm still objecting to is that you are telling me that I can't either.

do i have no interest in colour because i like the D200, you like the E-1 colour and therefore and full of colour discernment? These are subjective matters unless you'd like to prove these statements with cold hard facts.

The cold hard fact is I'm 2 for 2. You are not. And yet you still feel free to lecture me on colour.

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