When is a tripod redundant?

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Re: Almost always :)

kormendi_adam wrote:

You are right. I never did, and I never will. I'm interested in getting the shot. Sometimes I am happy I have enough time to focus and frame, let alone set up a tripod and lock mirror up.

Then you are answering a different question than the one asked in the OP.  To be fair, quite a few who have said tripods are for more than image quality have also answered a different question.  Nonetheless, your answer would suggest that you can optimize image quality at 1/20s, and that is far from true.

There are certain situations where tripod is a must, I know.

This is also not the question asked in the OP, but I will also indulge here in going OT.

Going back to your approach of taking multiple shots to get one that is adequately sharp, there are many times when I have benefited from taking multiple shots with the exact same framing so I could combine something from one shot seamlessly into the another one (clouds versus foreground, removing a distraction, etcetera).

Also, it's not just a "must" situation, it's question of optimization when you do have the time to set up the tripod.  For me often "getting the shot" means often ending up with me not having the best shot I could have had, and I don't mean simply because of image quality considerations; framing and timing are rarely enhanced by rushing and far more often benefit from careful preparation (YMMV).

Something I have learned is that it is often better to get one really nice photo that is well thought out and carefully captured than it is to come home with a bunch of snapshots. Don't get me wrong, I think snapshots are fine (even great sometimes), I take snapshots all the time and some of them are my best photos, but I also haul my tripod with me most of the time and use it for about half of my photographs even when I am shooting in the middle of the day.

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