What computer to easily process D800 files?

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I do think I misread the OP a bit. That's my bad. After looking at the OP there were a few qualifiers I breezed over.

I still think his current machine should match is needs much better than it is. There is something with the OS that is not doing well. He hasi7, SSD and 16GB of ram....so should be plenty of elbow room to do even larger edits.

Points still valid.

i7 and i3 chips in my benchmarking on "non" 3D editing on Photoshop, Civil Cad 3D, ArcGIS, and Bentley Microstation there is very little difference between 2D rendering work with 8 GB of Ram.

Put 3D in the mix and all bets are off. You need a better card for the graphics and 16GB minimum. and an i7 to chew on the data.

This is based on double blind testing with professionals doing the work. It was quite an education to those who thought they needed a $5,000 machine do do their work. We even played with perception a bit and put i7 stickers on i3 PC's for people doing 2D work and often people would choose the "i7" as the faster PC.

All I care is about giving the customer what they need and saving the city from spending money where it doesn't need to. My first suggestion is always the easiest fix...troubleshooting 101...never forget the basics.

Buy what you want to...but understand that often what is bought is overkill for the job at hand. We are trained to be consumers and that is one of the biggest hurdles I face daily at my job is re-educating people.


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