Advice: Sony SEL 50 1.8 or Sigma 60 2.8

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Buy the SEL5018

Buy the SEL5018.

Your  use, kids around the house, is the same as my main use for my NEX.  The SEL5018 is my main lens.  If you said you were shooting adults and had good controllable light, then it might favor the 60mm, for the greater subject to camera distance, but not this.

The big issues are that you will want to shoot at f1.8-2 in order to get your shutter speed up for the moving children while keeping ISO as low as possible.  Indoors this can be a real concern.

On the other hand working with a 60mm indoors can be little tricky because of the subject distance you need and harder to work with moving children.  My experience is that 40-50 is the right length with children (for more stationary adults who are usually more camera shy I sometimes go with a longer length.)

Do not believe the "not sharp enough" wide open.  It is excellent.  You will be happy with it.

The OIS, in my opinion, for this subject is only useful for video, but there it is very useful.  It is not useful for stills because with children you must keep your shutter speed up anyway to freeze their movement.  However, video is very nice for children and you can't predict when you want to capture it, so switching lenses isn't a good option.   OIS for video makes a huge difference.

So that sums it up. In fact for your use if I were going to get a second lens from among the very excellent Sigmas, I'd get the 30mm 2.8 for those occasions when you need a little wider angle of view than the 50 can give you.

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