What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: Basics....

Biological_Viewfinder wrote:

My problem with Roman isn't his ignorance, but his arrogance.

Look at the title of his post. "Basics..."

I mean, he starts off with 1 single word that says so much about himself.

He talks about how he has 'credentials' because he's in IT, and this stuff is "basic" to him.

That's my issue with him.

I already know I'm not remotely perfect. But this guy is the epitome of the average joe who's been around DPR for awhile. He needed a mirror to see what he looks like, and what better person to show him than the guy who could pull the mirror away and show that he has the same problem. At least I know it. He's just wallowing in self-imposed ignorance about his own sorry state. I know who I am, does he know who he is? Maybe now, he does a little bit better.

The height of arrogance is when you post your recommendation and then come try to tear apart someone else's. My post was ECACTLY about the basics. I offered a solution that did not in reality cost a penny....for a machine that should be more than adequate to do the job. The OP did not qualify or quantify any special conditions...just processing D800 files...which his current rig is totally capable to do.

It's only when pushed by people who disagree with me that I explained the rational behind it AND my experience which is more than the average Joe. I do this for a living...so...there are others who do too...you don't see me tearing down their recommendations do you....why? Because I am not arrogant enough to ASSume I know better than they do. I don't need to argue with you or them to make myself feel better....I don't need to rip on their recommendations to make mine hold water. I have been in this forum helping people out for quite a long time. And I have been doing what I do in IT for quite a while as well.

Now if your argument that his current rig is NOT capable of processing D800 files from a hardware perspective...then I will say your just looking to create a stir in the forums.....and pick a fight...because I think anybody who knows hardware... know HIS current hardware is up to the task of basic D800 file processing (The context of his OP). If you don't think so....I will be happy to listen why.

We often do not like what we think we see in others ....the things we often hate within ourselves....maybe its you that needs the mirror.


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