Canon G2X wish List < G1X review

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Re: Canon G2X wish List < G1X review

Rod, this is the best list of anyone!  Listen Up Canon!

Rod McD wrote:


I don't know if Canon will make a G2X at all. The all-in-one design will compete with MILC cameras like Canon's own EOS M, the Sony NEX, Samsung NX and MFT brigades..... The G1X might be a one-off. Personally I hope they do, because I like "the brick" and its simple approach. - Its lens/sensor/image engine are all good and I have no doubts that it delivers the best IQ from any camera with a sensor smaller than APSC.

On lenses, I predict that if they do make a G2X, they will leave the lens and sensor the same in the second version. I agree with the previous post. - There's no way you could have a similar FL zoom with f1.8 - 2.8 on a 1.5" sensor and remain as small as the G1X. If you don't believe me, check out the size of a Canon or Nikon 17-55 2.8 or similar DSLR lens. They're significantly bigger (and they don't have the FL range and they're not f1.8). Speeds like f1.8 are just not optically possible in a compact and retracting package anything like the size of a G1X. If they were to change the lens design, I'd be very happy to gain even one stop at the long end. I'd also favor manual zoom and manual focus rings on the lens.)

If we're otherwise talking about the G1X essentials remaining much the same - ie an evolution to fix issues and not a revolution into a different camera, I'd like......

1) Faster AF, faster between shot time and a buffer

2) Better physical protection for the video button to stop accidental video start, and a FW feature to allow it to be turned off completely. Or reconfigured to other functions.

3) If feasible, closer focusing in normal mode before switching to macro mode.

4) A high grade 100% EVF with exposure data. I know that many posters would prefer a perfect zooming OVF. However, realistically, the complexity and expense of providing one isn't going to allow it to happen. I would prefer a 100% accurate built in EVF to a poor OVF. And I wouldn't buy it at all with either an add-on EVF or no VF.

5) Enhance the Program exposure mode to allow it to be set to favor either higher shutter speeds or smaller apertures on an ongoing (not single shot) basis. This to complement, not replace, the existing single shot adjustment.

6) Camera to use current jpeg settings for raw+ jpeg.

7) Focus peaking in MF would be nice!!!

8) Yes a bigger battery would be nice too, though I have survived well in my travels with one in it plus one spare.

9) An IR remote control - compatible with Canon's existing DSLR IRRC and/or the IRRC in the EX270 flash. (Given that the G1X is often shown with the EX270, it would be nice to be able to use all the features.)

Let's hope that Canon do keep the G1X "line" going....... I think the camera was released in March this year. If there is an upgrade and any chance that they will take on board owner views about the camera, now is probably as good a time as any to air these suggestions.

My $0.02c worth.

Cheers, Rod

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