When is a tripod redundant?

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Re: Never !

JP Scherrer wrote:

...as in ANY CASE, a tripod -meaning a GOOD STURDY one- will allways help stabilize any camera/lens ! Period !

...although I confess I do not allways use one ! Sometimes one hasn't got time to set it up, or can't really bother carry it around !


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Not meaning to be argumentative but could a photo shot at 1/1000th @ 70mm with a tripod be any better than shot without a tripod?

I mean doesn't there have to be a point where a tripod doesn't add to image quality.  Forget the staging, framing, being able to remove yourself from the camera viewfinder etc.  Just the image quality?

Image quality for me is not only the technical quality but also framing and everything else you listed. In other words, yes a tripod can indeed improve the image quality at ANY shutter speed. The problem is only the inconvenience of it.

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