What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Re: hajagosb - way beyond basics!!!!!!!

Thanks a lot Steve. I'm glad you like my work.

I think my main problem is caused by the fact that i work on a laptop. These processors are noticeably slower then desktop ones.

Acronis sounds interesting, i'll try it on my new system. I use Dropbox and Backblaze at the moment. Dropbox is expensive, and only good for temporary backup for the ongoing projects. Backblaze is so slow that it can never catch up with me.

Steve Bingham wrote:

I am a little puzzled. ALL I do is 16 bit composites - usually 2-6 images. Rarely do I exceed 20 layers as I often combine some layers as I go. I use PS CS6. I use 16 gig of ram and have yet to run out. i7 at 3.2 and a 250 gb SSD which rarely gets used. Incremental backup done daily - Acronis.

Now I am off to see your work. Love to see it.


Ah ha!!! GREAT fashion work!!!!! I just love it. Reason enough for whatever you need. I would certainly invest in multiple LARGE SSD and a very fast processor. Your write time is important.

hajagosb wrote:

Thanks for the lot of helpful responses.

For the others, please let's leave me the right to decide if it's slow for me or not. And it is. I do photography for a living. Luckily sometimes retouchers a working on my images, but on many projects i prefer do do it my own.

I do a lot of composites lately, in 16 bit, with even 50 layers. It can take several minutes to save a 2-4 Gb file. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i call it slow. It also affects simpler task when you have these huge files even with the ssd.

It's not about the Windows, but the hardware. I can understand, for a hobbist i can be okay to wait a bit once in a while, but for daily work it doesn't worth it.

About Lightroom previews, i think it's the best to make 1:1 size, so you can check sharpness too.

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