Advice: Sony SEL 50 1.8 or Sigma 60 2.8

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Craig Gillette Veteran Member • Posts: 9,591
Re: Advice: Sony SEL 50 1.8 or Sigma 60 2.8

There are a number of lens reviews out there to check out.  I'd suggest trying to find some that tested/reviewed both so the comparisons would be based on (hopefully) close or exactly the same testing considerations.  However, I wouldn't over think this, optical quality differences may not be easily seen in real world use and the way you use the pictures - like no prints, large prints, only screen sharing, etc.  I'd expect both primes out perform the two zooms (but read the reviews there, too).

It would seem the Sony has the edge with both OSS and the faster aperture.  F1.8 will help keep shutter speeds up dealing with subject motion.  OSS for the most part helps with controlling camera motion.  So both help but if the concern is moving kids, OSS probably won't do anything for you.  One can always go to flash if needed or higher isos.

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