Before I sell my GR....

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Re: Before I sell my GR....

You can check GR vs RX100 comparison done by a pro photographer in another forum. You might find it useful:

I did travels with a Ricoh R6 (28-200mm) and Sigma Dp1 (28mm) as my small cameras similar to your own set up. It was a good combo with some limitations. I also used heavy dslrs thru Europe and killed my back. Now I am using mostly mirrorless cameras, sony nex and olympus pen cameras with RX100 as a P&S camera thru my travels which are good compromise for travels. I usually find the zooms more useful unless I carry 2-3 cameras with different fixed focal lengths attached. Some people might be OK with one lens set up. Recommended travel set up thru NG seminars is a wide angle to a tele/macro set up eg landscape, architectural shots to more street photo, portraits, food, etc for travel shooting. Also for European travels, wide angle is very useful if you want to shoot some architecture, eg a wider 24mm might help for a zoom. Again it depends on what you want to shoot and carry with you esp if you walk all day long.


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