What computer to easily process D800 files?

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Steve Bingham
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hajagosb - way beyond basics!!!!!!!

I am a little puzzled. ALL I do is 16 bit composites - usually 2-6 images. Rarely do I exceed 20 layers as I often combine some layers as I go. I use PS CS6. I use 16 gig of ram and have yet to run out. i7 at 3.2 and a 250 gb SSD which rarely gets used. Incremental backup done daily - Acronis.

Now I am off to see your work. Love to see it.


Ah ha!!! GREAT fashion work!!!!! I just love it. Reason enough for whatever you need. I would certainly invest in multiple LARGE SSD and a very fast processor. Your write time is important.

hajagosb wrote:

Thanks for the lot of helpful responses.

For the others, please let's leave me the right to decide if it's slow for me or not. And it is. I do photography for a living. Luckily sometimes retouchers a working on my images, but on many projects i prefer do do it my own.

I do a lot of composites lately, in 16 bit, with even 50 layers. It can take several minutes to save a 2-4 Gb file. Correct me if i'm wrong, but i call it slow. It also affects simpler task when you have these huge files even with the ssd.

It's not about the Windows, but the hardware. I can understand, for a hobbist i can be okay to wait a bit once in a while, but for daily work it doesn't worth it.

About Lightroom previews, i think it's the best to make 1:1 size, so you can check sharpness too.

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