What is your "other" compact camera?

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Just got an oldie but a goodie Oly XZ-1

Had an Olympus E-PM2 but just wasn't really 'feeling' it with any of the zooms (which is what I'd want). Went to Fry's and saw the Olympux XZ-1 for sale, $149.00 and grabbed the last one in stock....charged it...tried its f1.8 lens.

I am in LOVE...its lens and camera's like this that makes me not want to keep the 24-105L after all. Yes its just a premium P&S, but why can't many kit lenses just cover a similar range and deliver such goodness at a cheap cost, etc? My XZ-1 is bright (yes I know about equivalence), and delivers solid sharpness throughout its decent focal length and delivers great macro performance. It makes many MFT kit lenses look silly and I love the lens ring for exposure change option. Also I have no silly shutter shock issues because I can't even feel the shutter and only hear a P&S style fake one.

Getting a feel for the lens and its CCD sensor and am excited to explore its capabilities.  My VF-3 and tiny Olympus flash are compatible, etc.

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