ZD 14-35 mm f/2 lens available

Started Aug 3, 2013 | Discussions thread
Dan Veteran Member • Posts: 3,689
Re: ZD 14-35 mm f/2 lens available

Was that a buy it now or really only one bidder interested in it at that price?

Having just picked up a Losmandy GM8 sadly I have some Olympus gear for sale myself.

My last E3, 50-200SWD, and a nice little 50 macro...I'm a little torn about letting it go but really looking forward to using the GM8.

Might end up selling my Celestron CGEM...depending upon how things work out...the CGEM is just a beast to lug around in a car...hoping the much lighter GM8 is more car friendly.

Anyhow...someone did get a great deal on the 14-35.


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