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Re: "Preconceived ideas"?

tt321 wrote:

jagge wrote:

And that is ONLY one usage of fast glass. The other is subject isolation which can not be "faked" at this point. Sure you and other soccer moms with no sense of quality in a image can "fake" blur, its just not the same.

They don't want to fake blur. They want no blur at all, preferably enough DoF so that nothing is unsharp across the frame. This is very valid of course as a personal artistic preference, but they should understand that there are others who don't always prefer this.

Well, you finally got it. I care about resolution and DR because they carry *information*. I don't care about what *obfuscates* it. It is a painterly style which went obsolete almost a century ago, and has been revived by commercial photography, which is *no art* at all, but just money.

So the discussion has been all the time about style and aesthetics.

Having said that I have in my small panoply two old and fast portrait lenses, one of which was called a 'bokeh king', but I simply forget to use them, so little it is part of my style.

Additionally it never crossed my mind to forbid  using fast lenses. It is the purpose some people use them for that makes me laugh.


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