When is a tripod redundant?

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You can't be serious.

Rick Knepper wrote:

Photoshop CC and Camera Shake Reduction can get the job done.

You can NEVER fix camera shake in a software. That just hogwash, spread by people who don't really know much about photography and have low standards, don't care or need only small web images. As soon as you print large, need to crop or have generally high standards you realize that PP is not removing camera shake, the only way you can remove that is through using good practice, tripod or at least VR.

Not to mention composition... a tripod is great help for that purpose also. Even in portraits or group photo it is much easier to compose and concentrate on the model or the group if the camera is on tripod, not just in your hands. Once the camera is fixed you don't have to think about levels, can concentrate on making people look more relaxed and actually composing the final image. No software can do that for you.

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