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Re: Try the Think Tank City Walker--Great Bag & Company

fysloc wrote:

The city walkers do look very nice, now if only I could find a local store to get a better visual sense of how big it is and the layout inside the bag.

Try their site to get some images. Get the external measurements to judge the general size. But let me try to describe it.

My description here is of the smaller bag; the larger bag is just a size larger but otherwise very much the same.I bought both.

The outer bag, which is made of very high quality and a nice ballistic synthetic fabric, is shaped as I earlier described, slightly curved and coming in at the ends so that it is not squarish but a bit tapering and rounded at the two ends.The bag itself is lightweight despite the quality and firmness of the inner padding.

The outer bag is independent of the inner padded compartment, which is actually a self-contained unit that you could lift out if you wanted to. The padding is very contoured and rounded at the ends, so from the outside, the bag has rounded ends and a lot of give and slides nicely through crowded spaces.

Inside, the padded compartment is very well made and firm with three vertical sleeves that can be repartitioned. The sleeve dividers have flaps at the top that fold over. So I put my camera with lens mounted in the center sleeve, which I have made a little larger, folding the top flaps out over the side sleeves so that the face-down part of the body is well protected from bumping against lenses in the outer sleeves. On one of the side sleeves I put two smaller lenses vertically, one on top of the other, with one of the provided extra pieces of padding separating them. In the other side sleeve, I put a medium telephoto. The side sleeves will easily accommodate my Canon 70-200L IS f/4 zoom, but only off the camera. The center sleeve will easily accommodate my Canon 24-105L IS f/4 while it is mounted on a Canon 5d3. My NEX 7 and several lenses of course fit very comfortably.

Between the inner padded compartment and the outer bag there is a lot of useful and flexible space. There are two pouches, one at each end, that can hold various items. I use mine for extra batteries and my charger and sunglasses. It is an instance of the thorough and thoughtful design that each of these pouches has a strap loop over them so that stuff can be secured and kept from falling out  but that can be easily pushed aside to reach into the pouch. A small touch, but characteristic of many things about the bag.

Also in this in-between space are two other compartments. One is zippered full length along the inside wall of the bag that will be against your body, and it is very secure, the place I keep my passport, money, credit cards, and train tickets--anything that your really don't want to lose. On the inside of the bag wall but toward the length of the front of the bag is a padded compartment for an ipad or tablet, with a nice velcro latch to secure it.

There are three more full length storage sleeves on the outside of the bag: one with a velcro closure in the back of the bag that is perfect for maps, guide books, phone, etc.; one that is zippered on the front of the fold-over messenger flap cover; and one on the outside of the bag in the front but under the flap cover when it is closed. This one also has a velcro closure and has  inner organizational pockets for sd/cf cards and lots of other things.

The messenger flap cover is also very thoughtfully designed: It has velcro closures, but also silencer flaps so that you can disable the velcro when you don't want to make noise; and it has a buckle closure that will really secure the cover flap when that seems necessary.

Finally, the bag comes with a tethered but detachable rain cover in bright blue. I used the bag in the rain in Bergen, Norway (300 days of drizzle or rain a year) and elsewhere, and the bag itself was very water resistant without using the rain cover.

The bag's strap is very wide, well-padded and very comfortable to wear all day. The bag also has a hand strap that makes it handy to pick up and carry.

Anyway, I love the bag. I have a lot of bags from over the years and this is by far my favorite and most well-designed, well-made, and useful.

If you can't find it in a store, you might get it online from a place like Amazon that gives you return privileges.

Good luck.

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