When is a tripod redundant?

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Lasse Eisele
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Re: Depends on shooting style

Kaj E wrote:

A long time ago when 8x10 glass plates was the norm tripods where the absolute norm. With the event of 35mm the freedom of shooting without a tripod generated a new genre of photography.

Whether you want to shoot with or without a tripod is determined by your shooting style. I have never seen a street photographer shooting with a tripod. Most truly dedicated landscape shooters use tripods. Some studio photographers always use a tripod, some never.

In addition to your subject style it depends very much on your psyke. Do you prefer to shoot slow and nitpick with framing until you press the trigger or do you prefer to move around and click away when the image feels right, and go with the flow.

You will find great master (both past and present) of photography in both camps. Choose what suits your style.

If you are a handheld shooter pay attention to and develop your technique. How good you are at handholding and how detailed and sharp shots your style requires determines the max shutter speed for handholding. In addition to a tripod there are many other techniques to allow for longer exposure time; monopods, beanbags plus any other improvised and/or temporary methods of stabilizing you and/or your camera.

I personally hate tripods because of the bulk and how they slow me down. I am a handheld shooter and use a tripod very rarely only for long exposure, low light shots. Even then I prefer handheld if I can get away with it.

Excellent response! I agree with every single word.
Personally, I'm willing to sacrifice the last bit of technical quality for the freedom of shooting handheld. But I have found that the D800E is much easier to handhold than I had expected. I may not be using the camera to its full potential, but the results are still fantastic, compared to my previous cameras.

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