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lastcoyote wrote:

Out of interest do you use a Canon CP-E4 battery pack with your MT-24EX flash?
I'm considering getting one to speed up flash recycling time as I sometimes get frustrated when I get a good position on a bug and start firing of shots and obviously going too quick for the flash and so end up with a few misfires often thinking....'that would have been a good one!'

If you go the external battery route, I'd strongly recommend looking at the units from Quantum.  I've used their Turbos on the various regular flash heads (started in 540EZ timeframe, and used them on through the 580EXs and now the 600EX-RT).  I've not used a CP-E4, so can't compare recycle times.  But I can say recycle is extremely fast with the Quantums.  Easily keeps up even with quick high-speed bursts on a 1-series camera body.  I've always dismissed the CP-E4 because it uses regular batteries, and rechargeable never work as well as regular alchies or lithiums.  Whereas the Quantums have a hefty purpose-spec'd rechargeable battery in them.

On the newer flashheads, I always set the Cf function to disable use of the internal batteries for recycling when an external battery is attached.  Thus, the internal AAs are used only for the brains of the flashhead.  Doing this, I've shot over 1000 photos in a single event without having either the internal batteries or the Quantum conk out.

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