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Re: "Preconceived ideas"?

So you could not stick to your own "ignore" rule, this was to expected but funny newertheless..

Instead, thanks to the Sony new sensor of the E-M5 you get 2 additional stops for free, so why NAT use them?

Who talks about not using new sensors to the fullest. Off course that makes sense, its just not the core of the debate here, but I can understand why you grasp that straw.

So for the sake of peace I will give you that one. Yep sensors are getting better all the time, yep it does make shooting in low light easier.

BUT we are no where near a point where that does eliviate the need for fast glass even if we talk about getting enough light to the sensor ONLY.

And that is ONLY one usage of  fast glass. The other is subject isolation which can not be "faked" at this point. Sure you and other soccer moms with no sense of quality in a image can "fake" blur, its just not the same. And the same point precisely can be used as a argument AGAINST better sensors. You can also take a lot of noise away with photoshop so I can argue precisely like you do, that better sensors is not needed, you can use photoshop. The argument is the same photoshop can emulate something at the expense of the quality of the file.

There you go, we dont need good sensors either, which furthers the point that you should just stick to using a cameraphone amalcric.


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